How to Coach Baseball to Kids


Learn to teach the fundamental skills of baseball to your team of young players using a series of easy-to-follow drills and tips. The online multimedia program based on the How to Coach Baseball to Kids video will help coaches ensure that their players will improve their skills and have a fun and rewarding experience. The site contains all of the original video content, plus additional materials that will expand.

New Online Video Format!

All of the online video is now in in MP4 format to stream larger images and view full-screen. $10 will get you unlimited access to all of the video. The online video will now play on iPhone, iPad, and most other portable devices with web browsers. Please click on the Video link at the top to list the video clips.


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  • Pitching
  • Defensive Positions
  • Dealing with Parents
  • Throwing and Catching
  • Base running and Sliding
  • The Catcher
  • Administration
  • Working with Children
  • Warm up and Stretching
  • Fielding your Team on Game Day
  • Advice from Little League Coaches.

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