How to Coach Baseball to Kids

Can I have too many drills?

I am wondering if this program has practice plans for coaching 10 and 11 yr olds. I'm going to be coaching 5th grade boys for the first time and not really sure of their talent level. My son is 10 but only has one season of any organized baseball, and that was loosley organized thru the ymca. MY level of baseball is as a player through the college level. I have not done any coaching at any level so far. I would appreciate your help or advice on this matter. My main concern is will I bore the kids w/my knowledge of baseball by doing too many drills teaching the fundamentals?



Hi Rick, 

After many years of coaching young baseball players, especially the 10 - 12 year old level, I finally learned that children are most interested in the "experience" of playing the game. They like being on a team and they just want to have fun.

Physiologists did a study of youth in sports. They went out and located all of the players from a team that won the Little League World Series in the sixties. These players were now men in their fifties. Not one of them remembered it as a good experience because all their coach wanted was to win. Some even broke down in tears reminiscing about the team.

I begin to seriously teach the fundamentals of the game to children at about age seven. Keep it simple at first - stressing good mechanics (if they're going to throw a ball, they might as well throw it properly. After a while it'll become the way they do it naturally). As they get older you can make it harder for them but, as you know, it's a simple game at heart.

The key is to determine what each players' personal level is and let him/her challenge him/herself - you can push them but only to degrees of their own level. You'll find that some little player on your team who dropped every fly ball that came to him/her all season and then catches one popup in the last game, will be the moment you remember and cherish the most.

If you've got college level experience yourself, you can offer these kids a lot. Go ahead and teach them what you know. They'll let you know if they're bored.

Also ... I cannot overly emphasize the power of the slurpy!

I am confident that drills, advice and information about coaching kids found at and in our DVD program, How To Coach Baseball To Kids, will be valuable in assisting you to getting off to a good start in your coaching career.

Best of luck with your team. Have a great season.

Rocket Norton
Producer of How to Coach Baseball to Kids

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