How to Coach Baseball to Kids

Will the video help with t-ball?


I just signed my son up for t-ball baseball.  It's an all volunteer group.  Will this video help us help our son or is it for older boys?  We want them to have fun and to learn about the sport too.



Hi Lori,

The focus of our DVD program, and our supporting web site, is to teach parents who are coaching children's baseball how to do the job successfully.  It is dedicated to the idea that young ball players should have a safe, supportive and appropriately instructive experience.

To answer your question ... yes.  How To Coach Baseball To Kids will help you, your husband and your young son (it'll help your older son too) to have fun and learn about baseball.

It is never to early to learn proper mechanics.  The game is all about throwing, catching and hitting a baseball.  Allowing young children the time to master the simplicity of baseball will pave the way for their enjoyment of the complexities of the game down the road.

Have a great season.

Rocket Norton
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