How to Coach Baseball to Kids

How do I handle parents?

There are two ways to deal with parents, one ignore them completely or, two totally involve them.  The first is fine for you (if you have the steely personality for it) but does not create a very enjoyable experience for your players.  The second works to the mutual benefit of everyone.  By involving all of the parents, everyone feels connected to the team.  It is important that ALL of the parents are included.  That shouldn't be difficult there are lots of jobs for everybody.  Here are just a few jobs to fill:

  • Phone Police (calling all the players before games and even practices to ensure that they will be there).
  • Uniform Coordinator and/or Equipment Manager (Someone needs to keep track of all of the uniforms and ensure that they all get returned at the end of the season.  You may elect to have someone other than yourself take care of the equipment).
  • Field Preparation (A team requires a minimum of three ten would be better volunteers to prepare the field before games and practices).
  • Assistant coaches (I do not recommend any more than three and they should be given specific jobs hitting coach, pitching coach, infield coach, outfield coach, etc., whatever you cannot do yourself).
  • Snack coordinator (Someone needs to create a schedule to ensure that one parent provides snacks after every game NEVER DURING A GAME.  This can get very competitive which works out very well for the players and you).
  • Season ending party.  (This can get so elaborate that it takes an entire season just to plan it).

There are lots more jobs.  Basically, whatever you need to help run the team.  All of this will go a long way to providing a memorable baseball experience for the players and their families ... and for you as well.  Many tips on how to run your team and create a good relationship with your players' parents can be found in our DVD program,  HOW TO COACH BASEBALL TO KIDS.  The entire contents of the video is is available online at to anyone who subscribes to the site or purchases the DVD.

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