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How do I get out of a batting slump? 2

Dear Rocket,

I live in a town where every sport is very competitive. I play baseball or my high school team but I am now going into a weird funk. In the beginning of the spring season I was hitting for power and lining balls into the gaps, but now in the summer season I just can't seem to buy a hit. I try not to think at the plate, and whenever I get up there I get uncomfortable and just don't do things right. I am not lunging, I am just feeling like my head is not where it is supposed to be and I am late on the ball. Can you provide me with some tips, because I can not stand to get cheap little infield hits when I am a line drive hitter. Thanks.  Dan

Hey Dan,

A line drive in the gap is the best hit in baseball. A hitter who can do it is going to have a fun time playing this game. When the hits aren't coming it always seems like the end of the world ... but it ain't.

Those gappers are going to come back. Look at Chipper Jones. He was batting .421 a week or so ago and now he's at a measly 393. You know he's going to get hot again - even Joe Morgan said so.

I always start with the ball. The mechanics of a batter's swing can be broken down into about a million details but, instead of sweating it on any of those million moves, start by looking for the ball. Watch it as the pitcher receives it from his catcher and imagine it in his glove. See it come down and back, out of his glove. If you do this you will pick it up the second it is visible coming out of his hand. Never take your eyes off it until your bat hits it ... in the gap.

Have fun,


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