How to Coach Baseball to Kids


"Hands down, the finest program we have seen on the subject to date and Top notch production values & Highly recommended, Editor’s Choice".

The Video Librarian

"How to Coach Baseball to Kids successfully delivers and All fundamentals are covered: warmups, pitching, catching, hitting, and how to play defensive positions; just as important, the tape includes tips for dealing with parents and umpires and keeping the game in perspective. The pace is fast, but the narration is clear and the videography is excellent. The emphasis is on making the game fun and safe for everyone while sharpening the players skills and appreciation for the game. Highly recommended for all popular collections."

The Library Journal

"Extremely thorough, yet very basic. How to Coach Baseball to Kids should be required viewing for all coaches of school age athletes, whatever their sport. Especially geared to baseball coaches of youngsters 6-13, the video contains a sensible, straightforward approach to coaching recreational activities that could serve as a model for all children sport supervisors-to-be. Featuring comments from successful U.S. and Canadian youth baseball coaches with coaching tenures ranging from 7-40 years, the basic content of the presentation is delivered by coaches Wayne Cox and Bee Wanstall. Baseball fundamentals — throwing and receiving the ball, defensive positions, pitching, hitting, bunting, base-running, sliding — all presented and shown in an easy-to-understand format.

Additional useful tips explain how to work with children, how to deal with parents, and how to handle coaching administrative skills necessary to efficiently conduct an entire baseball season. Young players, both boys and girls, illustrate baseball fundamentals with techniques precisely described by coaches Cox and Wanstall who work with the philosophy, "Teach kids that they are capable of doing and let them do it well." Sprinkled with helpful hints, such as "Play the ball, don’t let the ball play you," "Catch the ball above the waist with the fingers up and below the waist with the fingers down," and Practices should be designed to keep all players busy." How to Coach Baseball to Kids also provides an overlying philosophy that "baseball is at once the most simple and the most complex of games."

Though primarily targeted for baseball coaches, both young players and parents could benefit from the many lessons included in this information-packed video which would enrich any library serving youth, especially young baseball players and their coaches."

Burton H. Brookes
Michigan Association for Media in Education, Grand Haven
From Audiovisual Review

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