How to Coach Baseball to Kids

Why the Original Video Was Created

The idea for the original How to Coach Baseball Kids video was born out of necessity.  Like many parents, Rocket Norton found himself volunteering to coach his son’s baseball team. At the time he felt very overwhelmed and wished that there was some books or videos to help new coaches get started on the right track. After many years of coaching there still was not much available to help, so he created How to Coach Baseball to Kids.

The original video was well planned based on Rocket Norton’s experience, plus the input of many many veteran coaches who appear in the video. A professional video team was assembled, auditions were held for young baseball players with good skills and some affinity for the camera, and filming began.

The baseball footage was shot over many long days. Interviews, professional transitions, illustrations, voice over, and music was added to complete a high quality professional video that is perfect for new and developing coaches.  Excellent reviews and a perfect buyer satisfaction record over thousands of tape sales attest to the success of the tape. The original price to libraries was $59.95 US, making the current price a fabulous bargain. was intended to complement the content of the video plus provide convenient access to the footage while the tape is in the mail.  You can order the tape with the following link:

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