How to Coach Baseball to Kids

Why This Site was Created

Here are the main design goals for

  • Provide timely access to the video footage from the original How to Coach Baseball to Kids video. Especially as seasons are about to start, many coaches are interested in the the video, but worried that the tape would not arrive through the mail in time to help. The web site offers a convenient way to get instant access to the material.

  • Expand the material to help veteran coaches in addition to the novice coaches that the original video tape (now also available in DVD format) was intended for.

  • Provide complementary materials. Rocket Norton has used his many years of coaching experience to develop additional drills and tips for players and coaches. Only a small portion of the new material is on the site today, so will grow considerably over time.

  • Make use of the recent advances in Internet technology that now offer many convenient and interesting possibilities for sharing expertise.


  • It is only recently when it has become practical to offer video on the web at high quality and it is still difficult to match the quality of the original video in a presentation that the average visitor can view online. We are getting there, though :-)

  • For many, will be considered as a convenient complement to the original How to Coach Baseball to Kids video.

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