How to Coach Baseball to Kids

The Order Process

This is what the process usually looks like when you order the DVD or subscribe through PayPal.

  1. PayPal will ask you to sign in if you are a PayPal member, or to provide credit card or other payment information.
  2. When the payment is complete, you should be redirected to a special page on where you can sign up for an online account.
  3. You provide a login name, password, and some other optional information.
  4. On submission, an email is sent to you containing your login name and an activation code.
  5. The submission should also take you to a login page where you are asked to put in your new login name, password, and activation code. At present the login name and activation key are defaulted for you, so you simply need to provide your password to log in.

This works well for most people most of the time. However, it seems that there are options during the PayPal process that do not result in a redirection to the signup page. This seems most likely to happen if you are not already a PayPal member.

But all is not lost. Our practice is to send a thank-you email to every person who orders the video and to provide a special link to the signup page if the person is not already online.

We are looking into a tighter integration with the PayPal order process. Meanwhile, thanks for your patience.

— Greg Dixon

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